College counseling

There is no need to download and install an application. The college is closed on most Fridays during the summer. Sessions and documentation are confidential. Read Moreā€¦ How IvySelect Is Different In the arena of highly-competitive admissions, conventional college counseling approaches do not work.

She really learned a tremendous amount from you. Our students have gained admission to the most selective universities in the United States, Canada and the U. It will be part of your final course assignment.

My counselors were not just interested in me as a client but as person and really got to know me and so tailored their suggestions and advice to make my application portray the real me in the best way. Part of counseling is trying new skills in the community around you.

Through their counseling and advice, Mattia got accepted into Harvard College. They gave us useful tips and were extremely professional in their work as well as the encouragement they offered Mattia. We foster meaningful connections contributing to clearer academic and career direction, as well as increased confidence, self-advocacy, and motivation.

Overall extremely helpful in my college application process. The personalized and comprehensive guidance that we offer translates into student success. Off-Campus or non-business hours In case of a mental health emergency occurring during non-operational hours, please call or go directly to a hospital emergency room.

No information of any kind is given to anyone outside of the counseling staff unless you specifically request it in writing. Counseling sessions can be scheduled for in person, or over the phone; your counselor will help you determine which option works best for you.

You were a big part of that so thank you, thank you, thank you very much. Confidentiality Information students share with counseling professionals are sensitive and personal in nature and therefore confidential.

This, no doubt helped him with his test taking skills, and we are grateful.

Online Academic Counseling Services

As specialists in this field, IvySelect has the talent, experience, and, quite frankly, the intelligence required to navigate the waters of Ivy League and top-tier college admissions.

Walk-In and E-Advise counseling will still be available; however, many issues cannot be effectively addressed in Walk-In and E-Advise because counselors are unable to access student records or view transcripts. We are SO proud of them and want to share their stories.

Scheduling of initial or follow-up counseling appointments Answering commonly asked questions Resources available to you at Coastline, including transfer materials, student computer tools, and career resources.

The video conference was super helpful in talking through my areas of interests and strengths. Students will be notified that they will be working with an intern when their first session is scheduled.

Call the Counseling office at Email counselingdept coastline. A personalized four-year college counseling program that educates students and parents about the college search and application process as well as trends in college admission.

Counseling Office

Individual guidance for each student tailored to her specific goals, abilities, and interests. The College Counseling Office is located on the second floor of the George Center.

Testing Center Operational Policy Georgetown Preparatory School offers on site testing for the SAT and ACT. International College Counselors also offers services tailored to meet the needs of students in special situations, including transfer students, students with disabilities, student athletes, students wishing to reapply while taking a year off, wait-listed students, students applying to boarding schools and more.

Counseling Home

The college counseling program spans all four years of Upper School, and is an extension of the entire educational process at Greenhill. Parents and students learn about the college admissions process through large group sessions with college counselors.

Finding An Independent College Counselor

Central Penn College offers FREE counseling services to all students presently enrolled at either the Summerdale or Lancaster campus, regardless of whether they live on campus or commute, or if they are in a face-to-face or online program.

The mission of the College Office is to educate and support students and families through all portions of the college application process. We have three full-time College Counselors to guide our students to find the right fit in a college or university for each student and family.

College counseling
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