Hooking up among college students demographic and psychosocial correlates

First, quantitative studies show that there is a significant orgasm gap between men and women who hook up. The transmission of marital instability across generations: Pornography and the end of masculinity.

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Gendered sexuality in young adulthood: Department of Education and Education Statistics Crosby RA et al. In Dylan's opening break-up scene, his girlfriend accuses, "Maybe you should care a little bit less about work and a little more about the girl you're dating.

Report of the APA task force on the sexualization of girls. The New Narcissism Another possible cause of hook-up culture is a steep increase in narcissism amongst the generation that came of age in the s Twenge The second wave Women's Movement and Sexual Revolution may have been necessary but, we argue, were not sufficient causes of hook-up culture.

Gender imbalance on campuses.

Predictors of Hooking Up Sexual Behaviors and Emotional Reactions Among U.S. College Students

Psychology of Women Quarterly, 21, — Results of random digit-dial surveys. Sex, dating, and relationships on campus. Fourth, and relatedly, investigations into hook-up culture at institutions of higher education should be compared to the sexual cultures of age-concordant people who do not go to college.

Still, the literature has reached a C. Such knowledge is crucial for revising sexual education curricula to address this new sexual paradigm, rife with misinformed perceptions of risk. An examination of alcohol use, drug use, and sexual behavior.

Pluralistic ignorance and hooking up. While the "act of hooking-up" is not exclusively modern, its increasing popularity is evidence of a transition in sexual scripts that shapes prevailing sexual norms and activities Bradshaw, Kahn, and Saville ; Heldman and Wade Media violence and the American public: The current global recession has imposed marginal decreases on school funding and has thus influenced curriculum decisions to cut back on such perceived frills as foreign language FL instruction.

CONTEXT. Research on adolescent condom use often focuses on the influence of parents, peers and environmental factors.

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Although most sexually active teenagers have sex within dating relationships, little is known about associations between the characteristics of these. Objective To investigate the prevalence and correlating factors of binge drinking among middle and high school students in Zhejiang Province, China.

Methods We performed a cross-sectional study using data from a school-based survey. A total of 23 (response rate=%) eligible adolescents from different schools (including middle schools, academic high schools and vocational high. SOAN Campus Sex in the Digital Age Winter Dr.

Sascha L. Goluboff [email protected], Newcomb Hallex. Office Hours on Tuesdays and by appointment. Course Description This class will explore how the cell phone has impacted hooking up and dating at college, with particular attention to Washington and Lee University as a case study.

Young adults' emotional reactions after hooking up encounters

Are you Jesse Owen? Register this Author. Register author Register with ORCID iD. PUBLICATIONS 79; "Hooking up" among college students: demographic and psychosocial correlates. Authors: Jesse J Owen Galena K Rhoades Scott M Stanley Frank D Fincham. YuLin Cheng studies International Business and Communication Studies.

Hook-Up Culture: Setting a New Research Agenda

''Hooking Up'' Among College Students: Demographic and Psychosocial Correlates more. by YuLin Cheng. Research Interests: Developmental Psychology, Sexuality, Gender and Sexuality, and Gender. Hooking up, or engaging in sexual interactions outside of committed relationships, has become increasingly common among college students.

This study sought to identify predictors of sexual hookup behavior among first-year college women using a prospective longitudinal design.

Risky Adolescent Sexual Behaviors and Reproductive Health in Young Adulthood Hooking up among college students demographic and psychosocial correlates
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